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Are you looking into personal loans? If you are, look no further! Read on to find out if a secured personal loan is what you’re searching for.


What can a personal loan be used for?


Secured personal loans are money borrowed against collateral – an asset, usually vehicles or property, is pledged by the borrower as security for the loan. It’s possible depending on the circumstance that pledging a more valuable asset as collateral can lower your interest rate and raise the total amount you are able to borrow. It’s not uncommon to borrow more than the total value of the collateral assets you pledge.



What are secured loans for?


You can apply for a secured personal loan in order to pay for just about anything. Maybe you need to replace an expensive appliance, or several. Maybe you’re planning a wedding, or family getaway? Personal loans can even take care of unexpected medical bills, or similar surprises, that you may not have the savings lying around for.


It’s also worth noting that if you want to do more than one thing with your loan, that’s absolutely fine. You could apply for one loan in order to take a holiday, and pay off a car, for example. The loan types you can find on our website are not your only options – we can organise something specifically for you once we have your information, and know your unique situation. It’s possible, for instance, to use someone else’s property for a secured personal loan, as long as they are willing to act as your guarantor.



Can I afford a secured personal loan?


We can ensure that you won’t be overburdened by your loan repayments. When we gather your required information, we examine your financial situation, and make sure we fully understand the situation that you’re in. Plus, we can make sure that any repayments are timed to coincide with when you get paid, just to make budgeting that bit easier.



How much can I borrow?


To find out approximately how much you might be able to borrow, try our personal loan calculator to help you work how much the repayments could be.


Please note that the calculator is just a guide, and the actual amounts may go up or down a little depending on your circumstances. These calculator repayment amounts are based on an estimated 17.95% interest rate, and also include an establishment fee, security registration and administration fees. Our fee schedule is available on request and will be covered within your loan offer. We are here to work the hardest we can for you so rest assured, Max Loans will do its best to arrange the lowest interest rate possible.



Contact us for more information


To find out more, including the risks and disadvantages of secured loans and what we can do for you specifically, talk to Max Loans today!

We know what life is like. Sometimes you may need to buy some new appliances for your family, perhaps you’re planning a wedding, have a holiday in mind or have an unexpected situation to take care of – whatever it is, a personal loan can help take care of it.


Remember that if you want to do a range of things with your finance, getting a loan for a holiday as well as a loan for a car for example, thats no problem at all. You aren’t limited to just the loan types you see here. Don’t forget that we can also use a home as security – this may be yours or someone else that you know who is willing to be a guarantor.

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