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Looking for a Business Loan to help manage cashflow? Thinking of purchasing assets to generate revenue? Well, your search ends right here! Our team at Max Businesses specialise in helping source and negotiate the best possible funding for businesses NZ wide. Read on to find out more!

Who is Max Businesses and how can Max Businesses help?

Our foundation starts right here at Max Loans where we’ve been helping Kiwis secure Personal Loans NZ wide since 2012. As experts in the lender-finding game, we have developed a diverse panel of quality, trustworthy lenders, including all the main banks and a wide range of non-bank lenders. Our years of experience in funding and access to a pool of lenders have enabled us not only to provide fast and flexible financial solutions for individuals, but also to source some of the best rates and loan terms to businesses across NZ. That’s why Max Businesses is here – we want nothing more than to see your business succeed and are proud to provide our extensive experience and resources to help you find the right business lending solution to meet your goals, without paying more than you need to.


We source a wide range of business loan products

At Max Businesses, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all businesses, so we take the time to understand your circumstances and needs, and work with you to determine the best financial solutions. We focus on simplicity and speed in everything we do, so we’ve made the application process as easy and painless as possible. To apply for finance, simply fill out our quick online form to tell us a bit about your business, and your Business Lending Adviser will be in touch within 2 business hours.


We provide personalised business advice

What’s more, helping businesses secure finance is not all we do – we also provide practical advice to all types of Kiwi businesses. At our business advisory team, our two Business Advisers both have board, CEO and MD Level experience and have in excess of 30 years’ experience in consulting for some of the largest organisations in New Zealand and Australia. They have also struggled in business at times and know exactly what it is like to run a business in New Zealand – the pitfalls, the challenges, the opportunities, the stresses …They are passionate about empowering your business by sharing all the skills, knowledge and resources they have. If you are after business advice to help you make informed decisions, our Business Advisers would like to provide a range of business advisory services to suit your business needs.


Want to find out more about what services our team at Max Businesses can offer? Click the below button to visit our Max Businesses’ website!

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If you are looking for someone who will work the hardest to help your business reach its potential, we’re great at doing that. Email us or give us a call on 0800 ASK MAX (0800 275 629) to discuss your business needs!

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